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Andrea Brown - Living A Dream

Andrea Brown was born in the USA from the Deep South very close to where Ms. DIVA TINA TURNER was born.

 American born, Andrea Brown is a superb vocalist whose style ranges from soul, jazz, blues to modern pop. Paul Brooks of Cameo Recordings described Andrea as, "one of the best singers I have ever played for!" Praise indeed from Paul who has acted as musical director for Sir Cliff Richard and Shirley Bassey.

Andrea has a dynamic, vibrant and larger then life personality that comes across in all of her performances. She suggests, "I want to make every audience happy. I enjoy performing in front of thousands, but I am equally happy when singing in more intimate settings. If, at the end of the day, I have touched one heart, I have done my job." 

Rock me Baby

It's all about me

 Andrea was raised in a musical family and grew up listening predominantly to Jazz artists including Frank Sinatra and Louis Armstrong. Over the years, she has gained 12 yrs of private music tuition including 6yrs operatic training, performing in various operas and oratorios around the U.S.A. After leaving the University of West Florida Oratorio, Andrea chose to concentrate on developing her unique vocal style in the Jazz / Blues Genre listening to a variety of artists including Barbara Streisand, Bette Midler, Carol King & Tina Turner.

During her career Andrea has travelled extensively, performing in some of the world’s most prestigious venues. She has toured extensively throughout the USA and Europe, performing in many of the major Casinos in Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, and Greece. 

A House in New Orleans

Bringing "ALL THAT JAZZ" to Cyprus

 In the last few years, Andrea relocated to Liverpool, England and has taken a 2-year sabbatical from touring in order to spend more time with family.  Andrea is devoted to Jazz and Blues and will be coming to the Island of love to bring you her stunning and outstanding  performance.

We've no dates planned but I can let you into a little secret, but please keep this very hush hush! - She arrives in Cyprus the same time as Justine Riddoch who you all know as TOTALLY TINA!   Let's get them to perform together!  What do you think?

Let me know and register on our Facebook group starsintheireyesentertainment.

It's all about Jazz