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Introducing Audley Anderson

Performer Soul Singer Audley Anderson is one of the UK's premier live Soul acts. Audley performs regularly across the UK and overseas at a wide range of hotels, events and venues.

A charismatic performer Audley feels at home on stage, with a concept know as his ’Journey Into Soul’. Not only a voyage into soul music, Audley describes a personal journey, from the world of a conglomoret to the live stage. He also delivers original self-penned songs from the story of his life in the corporate world to creating his career as an artist. Revealing the tapestry of what can only be described as a ‘Soulpera’!!  Delivered with evocative images of the great 60's artists, retro TV idents and iconic historical events makes  'Journey Into Soul' a nostallgic voyage.As a performer the show pays respects to the greats of Motown, the sounds of Philadelphia through to contemporary soul with a dash of original music. Over the past few years Audley has also been busy behind the scenes writing and recording his EP  'A journey Into Soul' and continues his writing and recording in 2017. 

Journey Into Soul

A short Soulful Story.....

Not only a dynamic vocalist Audley Anderson is also an entertaining and audience engaging performer, who has become a well established artist on the corporate entertainment circuit. Audley entertains regularly in the UK and overseas for Thompson Sensatori 5 Star Hotels in Turkey , Egypt, Tenerife, Cyprus Ibizia and Crete. Audley's Journey into soul live concept is an acclaimed crowd pleaser, the audience are taken on a nostalgic Journey through the decades of soul and Motown. Rekindling the love of music from the 1960's to current day.  Exploring the classics of the 4Tops, Temptations and OJays through to the 80's greats from Fatback Band to Luther Vandross, adding the popular music of today from Ceelo Green and Bruno Mars for good measure.  


UNDRESS YOU......  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i51q6CPObtU

Audley 1st came to public attention on a prime time BBC TV show. This gave Audley the spur needed to embark on his Journey into soul.  Not only the name of the live show, the EP (available on Itunes) also carries the same title.  A journey into soul also harnesses a double meaning,  as its not just a Journey into soul music but also an insight into the man himself. 

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Making My Move - The Single

 We are proud to announce the Inagural single Making My Move from the EP 'A Journey Into Soul' will be released. Its taken a while,but Audley has finally faced the fear and done it! The track written and produced by Audley Anderson with additional production and instrumentation from Trevor Douglas and UK's Soulster Don-E.  Making my move pays homage to the classic sounds of motown, with todays modern undertones.  The women will instantly be mesmerised by the catch phrase 'You could be a credit card,  I'll never decline you' , the young people will be introduced to the classic sounds of yesterday and the slightly older soul fans can reminisce in the journey of nostalgia. The song was written whilst in conversation with......lets say a disgruntled lady, where men were concerned! and some of the phrases now in the song were said in Jest by Audley.  A weird twist of fate,  found Audley scribbling these phrases down and as if by kismet the song was born! 

Making My MOve - The Single