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Snjezana - Snow White Crow BIOGRAPHY


SnowWhite Crow was 10 years old when she participate in her first audition, and got the part of “Little sweep”- Benjamin Bitten, in Opera, in the National Opera House in her birth town Zagreb, Croatia.

Following her incredible achievement at such a young age it was inevitable that she ended up with a degree in Music acquired after studying the subject at the Academy in Zagreb for solo singing and piano playing.  She has become an accomplished singer and has been performing in choir of National Theatre, participating in many Operatic Performances, West End & Broadway Musicals and concerts.




Early years: Damir was born into a music family, surrounded by music and musicians from the earliest days, so it was quite normal to expect that music was his life-giving commitment. 

At eight years old he went to the music school, the accordion department, but found that this did not satisfy him, so after finishing his music school he began to learn the guitar and the drums by himself. Shortly afterwards, as a self taught young man, he founded his first rock band in which he played drums and sang.  Since then he is affectionately called Brad.

Rock music marked that period of his life. After graduating on the Faculty of Economics, he and his wife founded Duo Joker and his professional career began.


Snjezana as Dolly Parton

When she decide to spread her wings, she went to work in Spain, then Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, UK and Cyprus, always singing, several genres of music.

She was part of German country music scene for 10 years. As a star of a CMA-promotions she participate in many Country music festivals, TV shows, Radio shows and Magazines. Her versions of Dolly Parton songs were part of every Country music Festival compilation. She share the stage with the biggest German music stars.  She has an exception ability to take on the voices of many of her idols, Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers is a duo show well suited to Country & Western fans of all ages.  Kenny is performed by her husband and for this tribute they are a dynamic duo.


In 2012. she recorded and released her own two songs at Downtown production, Soho, London, UK.

She was a semifinalist of Supertalent (X- factor) at Nova TV, Croatia.

In 2013. Snjezana was performing the lead part in big production of Footloose musical in Zagreb, Croatia, under director Igor Barberić, and music director Michael Laangs.


DAMIR aka Brad as Kenny Rogers 

In Duo Brad plays keyboard or guitar, sings lead vocals, takes care of all the technical equipment, sounds, lights and  and video productions in mini studio, for the Duo. 

Duo was performing all around Europe and Canada, just to mention seven years working on Canary Islands – Spain. The greatest success Duo had with Show program Tribute to Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers when they were performing in front of several thousand people in Germany (2007), sharing the stage with the greatest CountrySstars in Europe (Tom Astor, Michael Heck and Truck Stop). 

At the moment he lives and performs on Cyprus, as a part of Duo Joker, making three Shows: Tribute to Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers, Mamma Mia Movie Tribute and Music Cabaret show program.

Damir aka Brad is an educated musician, plays keyboards, guitars, drums and accordion, and is also a singer, producer and composer. 



In the last year Snjezana has taken advice of her devoted fans and spent hours perfecting her new show to with her quirky looks, costume changes and  humour it has people rooted to their seats to watch, listen and laugh and also dancing along with her as she takes on some of the most iconic female artists, from Julie Andrews, Barbara Streisand, Dolly Parton, Abba, Sarah Brightman, Elaine Paige and many many more.   

Her revived Broadway show will commence in the last quarter of 2018.

Snjezana is going be very popular in the tribute market any time soon.  Book her show now starting with her tailor made intro (video or audio) followed by one set with her husband as Dolly & Kenny, or Julie Andrews Tribute followed by her Broadway hits from much loved musicals all of which are recognised globally.