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Justine returns to Cyprus on April 1st, 2018, (THIS IS NOT AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE!) and will be touring Cyprus from 4th to the 8th April, 2018.  She will come back with the full band and dancers in December 2018 all in support of LCPV & FDi

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TOTALLY TINA Heads BACK to the Island of Aphrodite - Brought Back By Popular Demand!

Sometimes when you wish upon a star, your dreams come true. If you wished for Tina to come back, then we have good news for you – Justine Riddoch staring as Totally Tina heads back to the Island of Aphrodite by popular demand! 

Following a ballistic success at Zante Café Bar Limassol in April, and a phenomenal show in Savino Live in September, Justine aka Totally Tina returns to Cyprus, for an Island Wide Tour, again  to support another fundraising event of L.C. Positive and Freedom Doll's Initiative.  

Worldwide Acclaim & Top Tribute Artist 2017

After touring around the world and enjoying the laurels of success as Anastasia, Justine finally found her vocation as Tina Turner.  She is the first to admit that Tina has taken over her life, as to be simply the best takes a lot more than pouting and modulation, it requires passion and commitment. This is Totally Tina a story about passion and a life-long commitment to music and the art of doing a live show the right way – NICE AND ROUGH! 

Adding a touch of originality to a Tina-like performance and without being or even aiming to be the perfect copy of one specific concert of the pop-rock diva, Justine’s shows perfectly capture the feeling of Tina Turner’s live concerts. 


If you want to be part of something AMAZING & charitable then roll on the river with the one and only Justine Riddoch as Totally Tina,and come join us at one of our venues over the Island.  Each venue is also one of 5 main sponsor of the event, which promise to be more than just a Tina Turner “biography”, as Justine said in an interview., more like a Tina Turner EXTRAVAGANZA!

 If you're looking for a professional, top class tribute then look no more as she is bringing the whole tour to Cyprus from 4th to the 8th April, 2018! (venues to be confirmed for Paphos, Limassol, Larnaca, Paralimni & Nicosia)  

This whole tour is in support of LCPV & FDi